Official Review: The Limitless Real Estate Leader

Post by Tanaya » 31 May 2017 [Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “The Limitless Real Estate Leader” by Brenda Fontaine.]

4 out of 4 stars

The Limitless Real Estate Leader: Building a Successful Business, Family, and Legacy is a business advice book by Brenda A. Fontaine.

The author was raised by an abusive, alcoholic mother and a father who was a hard worker. Her father achieved his dream of owning a business despite having only a fifth-grade education. Wanting to have a better life than her parents, the author had a strong desire to succeed from a young age. She takes us through her childhood and various businesses until she landed on real estate. Throughout the book, she shares both her successes and failures, such as not passing the state exam the first time. She discusses the challenges of having a family-run business, how to be an effective leader of a real estate team, and ultimately the realities and decisions in growing your business. Using her personal stories, she weaves in solid, practical advice and words of inspiration, with occasional reflections on her faith. 

The author has a very personable writing style. She packs in just the right amount about her personal life so that the reader gets to know her not just as a successful business woman but as a human being. She ends the chapters with five lessons learned from different phases in her life or pertaining to certain aspects of running a business. The book as a whole flows remarkably well. Though I have no experience or particular interest in real estate, the writing was very accessible. As advertised, the book has life lessons that don’t apply just to real estate. Mostly, I just enjoyed reading about Brenda Fontaine’s life. Her authentically charming personality draws the reader in. She tries to make the book relatable to any dream or goal the reader may want to achieve. The book is filled with inspirational quotes from the likes of Veronica Roth, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Sheryl Sandberg, among others. The book ends with a series of lists for quick reference, such as her success tips, characteristics of a superstar sales professional, her family business rules, and so on.

What I liked most about the book is that Fontaine constantly emphasizes a strong work ethic and integrity. She worked hard to make her dream come true. She would study for the state exam on weekends and while the kids at her daycare were napping. Then she did real estate part-time initially, working 12 hours a day for her daycare business and doing real estate nights and weekends. She has a go-getter attitude that is very commendable. Her perseverance and dedication shine through when she shares things like: “I did my presentation to an empty chair every night I didn’t have a listing appointment.” She has a great philosophy about clients: truly putting the client’s best interest first, even if that means advising them not to sell. She encourages the reader and shares great advice for those new to real estate. Willing to be vulnerable, she even shares an embarrassing story when showing a property to potential clients. Herself always looking for ways to improve, she wants readers to learn from her mistakes. Her passion, drive, ambition, and enthusiasm are outstanding. By walking us through the stages of her business, she effectively reflects on how to grow your team slow and steady for long-term success. 

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. I was drawn to read the book because it’s not intended just for those in real estate. It can also be read as a motivational book. I would recommend this book first and foremost to anyone who is interested in practical advice and reflections on starting a real estate business. I would also recommend it to those who enjoy real-life stories of overcoming adversity and achieving your goals in life.

The Limitless Real Estate Leader 
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